I’m thrilled to bring you my most popular workplace workshop sessions, SPARK! My goal with you is to ignite your SPARK through inspiration and new-found confidence.

These workshops will address the top four challenges that affect us most in the workplace: imposter syndrome, setting boundaries, overcoming fear and narcissistic individuals. Each of these four issues can affect our productivity, happiness, and most importantly our confidence. My goal in facilitating these interactive discussions is to uncover what holds us back, get comfortable with making changes for ourselves, shed negativity, and create new pathways to fulfillment.

During each session, expect a personalized & fun approach that will leave you feeling and excited for your future!

Imposter Syndrome Workshop

1.5 hours
10-20 Participants

Imposter syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings and inadequacy that persist despite evident success. Imposters suffer from chronic self-doubt, intellectual fraudulence and override any feelings of success or external proof of competence.

In this workshop, we will break down why we have self-doubt, establish where it comes from, and why it holds us back.  Together we will discuss how to overcome imposter syndrome and establish new patterns of thinking that will allow healing and positivity. Expect to have personal breakthroughs and receive the tools you need to help keep your head and confidence high.

Setting Boundaries Workshop

1.5 hours
10-20 Participants

Having boundaries is essential to your personal and professional balance. Boundaries can serve as a container around your time, mental, emotional, and physical energy. You know you need them whenever you feel that HELL NO instinct that wants to protect you from being exhausted by people, places, and things. But, setting them can be hard for us to do in the workplace, especially if we have not done it before. But it is important to do so because setting them will improve your work-life balance and help set the expectations of others around you. 

In this workshop we will talk about how to know when your boundaries are being crossed, how to address those situations, and the best way to set boundaries for your future. Expect to have solutions and a roadmap for you to best handle the boundary- breakers in your life and give yourself space and energy.

Overcoming Fear Workshop

1.5 hours
10-20 participants

Feelings of fear are real, and they can create anxiety and inertia at work. This common, yet often unshared, roadblock of fear can keep us from performing optimally, making decisions and stop us in our tracks. Plus, it is hard to face your fears when you try to do it alone.

In this workshop we will examine exactly fear can do to an individual physically, mentally, and emotionally. I will provide the tools needed to overcome fear -based thoughts, re-center and re-build the confidence needed to prosper and achieve courageously in a safe space, together.

Narcissists Workshop

1.5 Hours
10-20 Participants

A lot of us deal with narcissists in the workplace. They can be in leadership roles or serve as colleagues. Regardless, they make us uncomfortable but most of the time, we don’t realize how they impact us in real time or even later in career-life. The shaming, blaming and discrediting words and actions of a narcissist can be hurtful and hinder your professional life, and certainly affect your confidence.

In this workshop we will start by sharing our individual experiences with narcissists. Expressing how they have affected us is important so we can shed any negativity and restore confidence. We will then move onto how to recognize a narcissist, define their specific behaviors, and discuss the right to approach and handle them.

Empowers me to feel more confident

“I feel validated regarding my experiences w imposter syndrome and understand that they’re not necessarily my “fault” and now I have a very clear understanding of how narcissists interact w “normal” people. This understanding empowers me to feel more confident.”

– S. Greer 

Better boundaries

“I now understand how incredibly important clearly defined boundaries are for me to have for myself. Better boundaries, better implementation of boundaries = better confidence.” – R. Cook

I feel confident now

“I feel confident now to overcome common obstacles that have hindered my progress in my life/career. As a result, I am able to look at something differently (almost dismissively) and carry-on with my efforts towards my goal.”

-B. Page

Exercising the coping skills we’ve discussed

“I will constantly be running into unhealthy people so keeping up with how to deal with them, exercising the coping skills we’ve discussed over is going to be a priority for me.”

– H. Berg



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