It’s here! Finally! My new G.T.F.O. Podcast will be available tomorrow, June 30th!

Before it’s official launch I’d like to tell you why I chose to do this podcast.
First and foremost, I’m a confidence coach. Serving those who need help, direction and confidence will always be my priority and what I find most fulfilling.
The idea of the podcast came to me after coaching several different clients and listening to their stories about why they wanted to make professional changes and GTFO of Corporate America. After some time, I began to wonder about individuals who had stories of how they had to GTFO of personal situations – involving fear, pain or despair. It became a natural inclination for me to want to find those people and give them a platform to tell their stories.

And now, through this podcast, you will get to hear about their struggles, challenges, and how they had the confidence to GTFO and change their lives.

I hope this podcast will inspire and empower you should you need to GTFO.

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