Do you know it is time for you to make changes in your career life, but aren’t doing anything about it?  Perhaps you feel as each day passes you go through the motions of work but are not connected to it. And yet each day, you make a promise to yourself that “Tomorrow I’ll start to do something different for my personal growth and career trajectory.” Then, that day comes and goes, you sit still, and nothing happens. No changes. Then a year goes by, and you begin to feel stuck. More stuck than before. If you have experienced these feelings, know that you are totally normal. I’ve been through this too.

Inciting change for yourself is one of the hardest and brave things to do.

But there is a way to break through feeling stuck and begin to make strides for yourself.


Here are my tips to shake things up to get you started!

Ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers.

  1. WHY? Why do you think you need to make changes in your career life? Your answer could simply be that you are uninspired, unfulfilled or have outgrown your current career or role. It happens. These are examples of how you know you need more or something different. When you make your list, let your words fly. Hold nothing back so you can see what is driving you from your core.
  1. WHAT? What will happen if you don’t make changes for yourself? I had to ask myself this hard question a lot during my personal evolution from Corporate America into starting my own business. I knew that if I did not make changes that my personal growth would be stunted, and that my real purpose would not be explored. For me, this was scary enough to just get started. What would happen to you?
  2. WHEN? When to start? Start now. Begin to build your bridge into what you really want to be doing today. Know that small steps are necessary to building that bridge. Begin to arrange your thoughts in just three tasks at a time to gain momentum and confidence. They can be something as simple as joining a networking group, securing the website address you have always wanted, or sketching out your business model. Write down three steps that will help you.
  3. HOW? How do you get started? Get a coach. I needed a coach to help me make the break and give me the push I needed to start and grow my own business. A coach will provide you direction, unconditional support, and accountability to help your confidence grow and your business soar. For that, I’m your HOW. You can contact me to be that person for you.


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