I cannot think of any other title for this week’s message than, “Holy Sh*t. I’m turning 50.”
Any different, creative, or eye -catching title just doesn’t resonate. These words are my reality and describe exactly how I feel. Holy sh*t. I’m counting down to May 16th, on which day I will officially be the big 5-0.
I’ve been reflecting a lot, like others do when they hit this number. I’ve thought of people I’ve known, the cultures I’ve lived in and my life changing experiences. Here is a clip of my personal memory reel dating back from 1970:
Donny Osmond, Luv-It Jeans, sleepovers, MTV, big hair, daquiris, LSU football, moved to Texas, started first big job, worked, worked, worked, single life, got married, got promoted,  had baby, got divorced, worked, worked, worked, threw a grenade on my past, wrote a book about it, started a new business, started life over…..
As I read and review the previous paragraph, I can’t help but be bewildered by all of the events that transpired in 50 years and what brought me to where I am today.
But I know what brought me here. What brought me here is my purpose. Even when I was 7-year old girl, I knew that my purpose was to help other women achieve and succeed. I would fantasize about making a difference, being strong for others and standing by the sides of those who deserved the best. Why has it taken me 50 years to get here to fulfill my personal purpose? I had to live it first. I needed the time to experience life, get through the good stuff and bad stuff and all of the life events that formulate my message today. NOW, I can stand up in front of you, take you by the hand, and be the 7-year old girl I was meant to be.
I encourage you, and all women to get in touch their inner 7-year-old. It is the source of our core, purpose and plan. I’m built to help you find yours.
So, I welcome 50. I’m ready. I’m no longer counting down to the 16th. I’m counting up.
Grab a Drink and come chat with me about what fuels your purpose.
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