Last week I got a call from a recruiter. She wanted to talk to me about a role as a regional sales manager with a large company. I thought, why not, I’d listen to her pitch. The money sounded good. The job came with primo benefits, 401k, the car allowance, all of it. The initial training program would last 6 weeks at the corporate office located in Miami. While this seemed alluring and while I considered what she was telling me, I still felt dead inside. Not one part of me wanted to return to that old life. I was flattered that she reached out, but I said no thanks, hung up the phone, leaned back in my chair and sighed.
When I consider the personal evolution I have gone through in the last 3 years, including writing a book, leaving Corporate America and becoming a confidence coach, the same mental image comes to me each time. I see myself walking purposefully towards my future, and what is behind me is ablaze. As if I pulled a pin from a grenade, threw it over my shoulder and never looked back. I deliberately set it all on fire so I could create change for myself. I was ready to let go of a 25 -year career that was familiar and my foundation. It was time. I was ready for something new and fulfilling, even if it meant it would be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. I left nothing but a trail of smoke. That is how certain I was about why I was doing it, where I was headed and there was no going back.
Leaving a career or changing something deeply personal in your life takes GRIT. It takes a hell of a lot of grit to intentionally send your self down a new life path. It takes confidence, drive, and courage. Let me help you find your GRIT to get down your personal path.
I can help you find the confidence.
I can help you find the drive.
I can help you find the courage.
YOU deserve to have passion, purpose, and fulfillment.
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