You’ve got dreams and hopes. We all do. Maybe something like opening your own flower shop, or starting an online writing club. Maybe you just f**ing hate your job and wish you could spend more time with family. I get it. But sometimes, even when you’re bursting for the chance to shake things up, something stops you. Whatever holds you back is unique to your own experiences, so here are 3 ways to find the courage to change your life.
You’re miserable: it’s a sign things need to change
Pay attention to your moods and how you feel. When do you feel your best? Or your worst? Is it at work, or at home? Think about where it’s not working for you and find ways to make that part of your day more enjoyable, or, as I like to say, GTFO.
Connect your heart with your head.
Sometimes, your reason is the one “reason” we aren’t truly fulfilled. We find ways to rationalize ourselves out of perfectly good opportunities, like “I can make what I have work” or “I’m just being silly.” Cut it out! Instead, dwell more on what makes you feel excited and driven, and spend more time enjoying and pursuing those things.
Understand what’s really holding you back.
It can be hard to understand why you’re afraid to change. Fear can block your reasoning and understanding of certain situations but just remember: in times where you wish you could leave your situation for a better one, think about what scares you. In time, you may find that the situation gets less and less scary, providing a clear path forward.
I wish you the best in pursuing meaningful change in your life!
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