I have 3 workshops that focus on the main issues that women face in the workplace: confidence, purpose and limiting beliefs. Through attending my workshop sessions, you can expect that participants will have personal breakthroughs, experience a shift in mindset, and will leave with tools to help them stay elevated moving forward.

My workshops can be utilized in a team setting of 10– 20 attendees.

Kick-Ass Confidence Workshop

This session is designed for participants to individually reveal their personal strengths yet uncover thoughts that hold them back in daily life. As a group we will dive into how to re-wire unhealthy thoughts and help turn them into confident thinking. At the end of the workshop, we will engage in a team building exercise that will leave the group with tools that keep them motivated and prepared for consistent confident thinking.

All Attendees will receive:
– Gratitude Journal
– Kick-Ass Confidence Worksheets
– Team Building Exercise Gift

Purpose Project Workshop

This session provides a deep dive of exploring the core skills and values of the attendees. Together we will review what each of us describes as meaningful and fulfilling. We will take those words and channel them into my Purpose Project Categories, Helper, Healer, Communicator, and Connector. We will then start the journey of how to focus their elements of purpose into their current career or next endeavor.

All Attendees will receive:
– Gratitude Journal
– Worksheets
– Team Building Exercise Gift

Sister, Break it Down Before You Break Down Workshop

For women, life and the workplace can be very busy, especially when we are spinning so many plates at one time. Plus, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to manage it all and still perform to our very best as a mom, friend, employee, and family member. We take on a lot and think we have to do it all, and do it all perfectly.

We dont have to. Its not realistic.

As women, we are expected to perform in every outlet of our lives. Instead of living it authentically, we have to live up to unrealistic expectations, feeling perpetually exhausted instead of being true to ourselves.

All Attendees will receive:
– An interactive worksheet
– Team Building Exercise Gift

How to Get Out of Your Own Way Workshop

We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves in the workplace. These are beliefs set in place due to negative personal and professional interactions with others. They hold us back from pursuing projects, tasks, and promotions.

Together we will break down how limiting beliefs impact confidence and contribute to the negative self-talk we have in our heads. Get ready to shed such thoughts and realize self-worth so that we can achieve what we really desire fearlessly and in confidence.

All attendees will receive:
– Gratitude journal
– Face Your Limiting Beliefs Worksheets
– Support System & Accountability Schedule

Second Act Workshop: How Do I Start?

Do you feel like you have reached a certain stage in your life of realizing you want to do something new, fresh, and aligned with who you are? It might feel fuzzy and a bit overwhelming, but those feelings are normal. It’s a sign that it is time for you to explore your core and find your path to your second act.

Here is what you can expect:

This workshop is meant for women who are heading into their second act and want to do something new or different but need the support and direction to get started. Please join me for this complimentary exploratory session that will help you take those first steps into discovering what the future can hold for you.

We will do this by:

– Addressing limiting beliefs
– Connecting with your inner 8-year-old self
– Homing in on if you are a Healer, Helper, Connector, Communicator
-Setting your first short-term goal to help you get started

At the end of this workshop, you will walk away with an understanding of what is at your core, feeling confident in yourself, and tools to take your first steps!

All attendees will receive:
– Gratitude Journal
– Second Act Worksheets
– Support System & Accountability Schedule

Ready to Kick Your Negative Self-Talk to the Curb?

charisma, charm and raw relatability 

Expect charisma, charm and raw relatability along with a lot of laughter when Holly speaks at her events.



Let’s talk about your next event.


Holly would love to partner with you for your upcoming event. The information below will assist us in serving you better and customize what we do to meet your event goals and objectives. We look forward to working with you!

If you just want to chat, please send an email to hollycaplancoaching@gmail.com.

Surviving the Dick Clique


Plenty of you reading this have similar backgrounds, or share similar dreams and aspirations. I want to prepare those of you who are entering your career or are in the throes of your own success. I want to coach you for what is coming your way. I want you to be ready for those moments when you’re shrugging your shoulders wondering, What do I do with this situation? So, Ladies, this is for you.


I’m from New Orleans originally. It is my favorite city in the world.


Hearing the LSU Fight Song gives me chills every single time.


Change scares me, but I’m learning to be brave and excited about new possibilities.


I had my daughter at age 40. Yes, she came later in life, but she was worth it. She is my soul mate.


I have always wanted to make change for women. It was an innate feeling as a child, and I knew it was my purpose.

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