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Setting Boundaries With Your Boss

Has this happened to you? It is 6:30 pm on a Tuesday night, you are standing over a boiling pot of pasta, your kids are arguing, your dog is barking at the Amazon delivery person, and your phone rings – it’s your boss. You don’t answer because clearly, you have your...

How to Survive the Office if you are an Introvert

Have you ever awakened on a workday and realized that the first thing on your schedule is that damn monthly team meeting, and you cringe? You know you are going to have to see Bob from marketing, Christina from R&D, and socialize with your new general manager. You...

Celebrate the Milestones

Being vocal on what you are passionate about can be scary and exciting at the same time. BUT the best part about being vocal is that it can bring change…. for you, and those around you. Four years ago, I was able to use my voice through Cheddar News and my book to...

It’s Time to Shake Up Your Career Trajectory

Do you know it is time for you to make changes in your career life, but aren’t doing anything about it?  Perhaps you feel as each day passes you go through the motions of work but are not connected to it. And yet each day, you make a promise to yourself that “Tomorrow...

Manifest That Sh*t!

What are you wanting to change up this year? Maybe more quiet time, more travel, more meaningful friendships... Whatever it is, there are always fresh new ways in which we can accomplish these important changes. Lately, I've found the practice of Manifesting to be...

Surviving the Dick Clique


Plenty of you reading this have similar backgrounds, or share similar dreams and aspirations. I want to prepare those of you who are entering your career or are in the throes of your own success. I want to coach you for what is coming your way. I want you to be ready for those moments when you’re shrugging your shoulders wondering, What do I do with this situation? So, Ladies, this is for you.


I’m from New Orleans originally. It is my favorite city in the world.


Hearing the LSU Fight Song gives me chills every single time.


Change scares me, but I’m learning to be brave and excited about new possibilities.


I had my daughter at age 40. Yes, she came later in life, but she was worth it. She is my soul mate.


I have always wanted to make change for women. It was an innate feeling as a child, and I knew it was my purpose.

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