A few days ago, a new coaching client confided in me that she was stressed, woke up every day with a heavy heart, and was losing her confidence. She said she felt she was slipping into a depression and didn’t know how to move through it. Clearly, we would need to break down the sources of her pain in our sessions, but before that or anything else, I knew that to move her to a place of peace and confidence that she needed to meditate. I could feel her need to be re-centered and desire to believe in herself again. Why did I know this? Because I’ve been exactly where she is.
In full disclosure, I did not start meditating until 4 years ago. I didn’t think I needed it. For most of my work life of 25 years, I functioned in certain gears, which I now refer to as the Four F’s – hair on fire, frustrated, frazzled and fatigued. I mean, those had worked out great, right? I felt like if I was frustrated, I was making something happen, if I was fatigued, I felt validated. Those were my gears. Looking back, I don’t know how I didn’t have a heart attack living like that for as long as I did. I thought the Four F’s were normal.
Then at the perfect time, during a transition in my career, a friend of mine introduced me to meditation. She taught me that it could help me feel centered, aligned, and peaceful. So, I gave it a chance and started practicing it every day. I began with just meditating for 5 minutes. Any more time than that, my brain started to wander. It was kind of like doing a new exercise. At first, it felt a little awkward, but the more I did it, the better I got. I was able to sit in a meditative state for longer periods of time without interrupting thoughts. I became more aligned, centered and my Four F’s began to fade away.
Here is what meditation has done for me:
  • Slowed down my “rapid-fire” thoughts
  • Cleared my mind
  • Gave me time to feel peaceful
  • Taught me to re-center and adjust
  • Re-built my confidence
  • Improved my intuition
My client admitted to me that she was familiar with meditation, had not tried it, yet was open to it. In her next breath, she asked, “How do you do it?.”  Wow, no one had asked me that. How do I do it? How I actually do it I had never shared with anyone before. I’ve done the apps, tried guided meditations, and they do work. But there is one method that I have found that works the best for me. So, I opened up and shared with her the process behind my daily meditation
And now I’d like to share this with you, too.
 “Little Ball of Light Meditation”
In the simplest terms….
I sit in a silent space, play meditation or classical music, and still my mind.
I imagine myself free of my body and all the heaviness in life that weighs me down.
I’m then free to be a little ball of light and float high above cities, and oceans watching everything below.
It makes me realize how small we all are, how fleeting time really is, and the importance of the human connection.
While visualizing myself in this peaceful state, I’m able to focus on being a source of light and love. It ultimately translates into my everyday actions and thinking.
If you need different tools to center and align, please know it is part of my coaching programs and culture. My goal for you as you go through a transition or change is that you have peace and stillness – because you deserve it.
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